How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A20

This process will remove all the data from your Samsung Galaxy A20, so before you begin, please make sure to back up all important information.

Step 1. First, locate the volume down and power button on your device and simultaneously press and hold both of them.

Step 2. After few seconds you will be presented with a menu which will give you some options like Reboot, Recovery, Power Off etc.

Step 3. Use the volume up button to select “Recovery” or “Wipe data/Factory Reset” and press the power button to confirm the selection.

Step 4. You will be presented with another menu where you need to select “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and press the power button to confirm the selection.

Step 5. You will be presented with one more menu and here you need to select “Yes – Delete All Data” by pressing the power button.

Step 6. Now the process of hard resetting your device will begin and it may take several minutes for it to complete. Once it’s done, select “Reboot System Now” and your device will restart. This will complete the hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy A20.

What are the Advantages of a Hard Reset?

  • It is a powerful way of wiping out any data stored onto the device.
  • It can help you regain control of a phone that has been infected by viruses/malware.
  • Removing unnecessary applications and programs can improve the performance of Galaxy A20.
  • You can also use a hard reset to revert to the official factory settings if you have made any changes to those settings.

Important Note

It is not recommended to perform a hard reset on your device unless it is absolutely necessary. Doing so can increase the chances of data loss and some installed applications may also not work properly afterward.


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