How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A10s (3GB RAM + 32GB)

With the Samsung Galaxy A10s, Samsung upgraded its entry-level A series of phones. A 10s comes with a larger screen, bigger battery, and extra RAM. With the Samsung’s deep customization of Android, this phone sets itself apart from other entry-level phones. Furthermore, Samsung adds a lot of unnecessary bloatware. Though the bloatware can be removed, it might be a burdensome task. The hard reset option quickly eliminates all problems.

Why Do a Hard Reset on a Samsung Galaxy A10s?

  • Improve Performance: Hard reseting your Samsung Galaxy A10s will restart the device and clear the memory cache. This results in improved device performance.
  • Virus Attack: Cleaning your device with hard reset is a must if it is subjected to any virus attack. Your personal data stored on the device will be safe.
  • Troubleshooting: Performance issues, hanging, and freezing can be resolved through a hard reset. It also helps if your device has become laggy.
  • Purchased Used: If you just purchased a second-hand Galaxy A10s, it is important to factory reset it to delete all user data and start fresh.

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A10s?

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons together until your device enters Recovery Mode.
  3. Use the Volume Down button to scroll to ‘Wipe Data / Factory Reset’.
  4. Press the Power button to select the option.
  5. Select ‘Yes – Delete all user data’ and hit the Power button to confirm.
  6. After a few minutes, the device will reboot itself.
  7. Once the reboot is complete, your Samsung Galaxy A10s will be factory reset to its default state.

Wrap Up

A hard reset can bring back life to your Samsung Galaxy A10s (3GB RAM + 32GB). After a hard reset, your device will run faster and smoother. Furthermore, all the bloatware that was installed by Samsung will be removed. Also, it is recommended to hard reset your device every month for extra protection. Running a hard reset is not a difficult task and it can be done in a couple of minutes. Always make sure to have a backup of all your data before resetting your Samsung smartphone.


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