How to Fix “There Was a Problem Downloading the Software for This iPhone” Error

error in downloading software for iphone

It is of utmost importance that your iPhone stays current with the latest iOS software version, making any interruption in updating extremely frustrating, particularly if an error message states: “There was an issue downloading software for this phone“.

Understanding iTunes Error 7 or 9

Error 7 or 9 can be extremely frustrating, yet there are steps that can be taken to fix it. When updating iOS on an iPhone, this error often appears during software download. To solve it quickly and efficiently.

Error 706 typically occurs on both iTunes and an iPhone or iPad and occurs when iTunes fails to download all necessary software components required for updating.

Apple servers may become overburdened as too many people attempt to update at once or perhaps your iPhone’s internet connection is weak or spotty, leading to this error message.

Updating Your iTunes Software

The first step to fixing the “There was an error downloading the software for this iPhone” error is ensuring you’re using the latest version of iTunes software.

Apple frequently releases updates to fix bugs and issues.

To update, open iTunes and go to its Downloads section where you will be able to locate and download a copy of iTunes that matches up with this latest version and install it.

Check Your Internet Connection

To begin with, it is essential that you assess your internet connection. Make sure it is fast and stable if multiple devices are sharing one network; some could possibly be taking up too much of its bandwidth; if so, disconnect some or reboot your router/modem until things have stabilized – then attempt updating your iPhone again.

Turn Your iPhone Off and On

Sometimes the “There was an error downloading the software for this iPhone message “can be caused by a minor glitch or bug; to solve this, switch off and back on your iPhone, attempting to update its software again and see if that solves it.

Check Your iPhone’s Storage Space

“There was an issue downloading the software for this iPhone” error may be caused by lack of storage space on your phone. Before trying to update iOS, make sure there is enough free space. If not, delete some apps or music to make room.

Turn Off Antivirus Software

Antivirus software may impede with iOS update process. To address this, turn off all antivirus software completely before attempting the update again.

Switch Your iPhone Into Single User Mode

Boot your iPhone into single user mode to update its software without interference from third-party applications or drivers. To do so, press and hold both Home buttons until the “Connect to iTunes” screen appears, and follow its onscreen instructions to access this mode of operation.

Use iTunes to Update Your iPhone

Having difficulty updating your iPhone? Try using iTunes instead – connect it to your computer, launch iTunes, and follow the on-screen instructions to update its software.

Use a USB Dock or Third-Party Cable

Sometimes the issue lies within your USB cable or dock itself. To see if that’s the case for you, try switching up which cable or dock you use when connecting your iPhone to your computer – make sure that any dock compatible with iPhone.


Updating your iPhone’s OS can sometimes be frustrating due to errors like “There was a problem downloading the software.” Luckily, these errors can often be remedied with simple solutions like restarting or clearing cache/cookies on your phone.


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