How to Fix iPhone or iPad Keeps Restarting After Update Error

How to Fix iPhone or iPad Keeps Restarting After Update Error

If you recently updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 14, you may have experienced an irritating issue: your device keeps restarting. Unfortunately, this issue is not uncommon and can be extremely frustrating. There can be various causes and solutions for each individual case of “iPhone or iPad keeps restarting.” In this article, we will explore these possibilities and offer potential solutions that may work.

Why Your Phone or iPad Keeps Restarting

Before jumping into possible solutions, it’s helpful to understand why your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch keeps restarting unexpectedly. Let’s examine some potential causes that might be causing this problem.

Compatibility Issues

One possible cause for your device resetting itself randomly could be compatibility issues with iOS 14 software updates. Some apps may not work well together and could cause your phone or iPad to crash or restart.

Hardware Issues

Another cause for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch restarting may be hardware problems. Like any electronic device, hardware can develop faults that result in random restarts – this could be due to damaged batteries, bad connections, or faulty system boards, which need to be investigated separately.

Software Glitches

Sometimes your device may still randomly restart itself for no apparent reason, likely due to software glitches. These glitches can be caused by undetected bugs or issues that surfaced after installing the iOS 14 update. While this can be frustrating, it doesn’t mean you have to live with it!

Solutions to Stop “iPhone or iPad Keeps Restarting” Issue

Forcibly Restart Your Device

First, try performing a force restart, which should reset and refresh your device without losing any data, helping to resolve restart issues quickly. Simply hold down both volume buttons until the Apple logo appears; that should do the trick!

Evaluate Applications for Compatibility

Take the time to review your apps and ensure they’re compatible with the iOS 14 software update. If an application or game is not compatible, consider either deleting it or reaching out to the developer for additional details.

Review Software Updates

As updating your device is essential for addressing iPhone/iPad keeps restarting issues, if you haven’t done so already, visit the Settings app -> Software Update and check for available updates. Install them if applicable.

Verify for Any Potential Hardware Issues

If none of the listed solutions have resolved your problem, it may be important to assess any hardware issues on your device. It is recommended to consult a licensed Apple technician who is best qualified to run tests and diagnose any potential problems that may be present.

Reset Your iPhone

The last resort, if all else fails, is to reset your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This should be done as a last option and after taking appropriate backups.


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