How to Fix “iPhone Flashlight Not Working”

fix iphone flashlight

An iPhone flashlight that won’t turn on is an all too common problem among Apple device users, particularly iPhone owners. While diagnosing and fixing this problem might seem complicated or overwhelming at first, it actually can be resolved within just a few steps with this guide providing all of the essential information to debug, repair and resolve this common problem of an inoperable flashlight on iPhone devices.

Common Causing Mechanisms

When an iPhone flashlight stops working, this usually indicates either its application or hardware has become defective; alternatively it could mean its application has become outdated; more causes will be discussed throughout this article.

Apps Not Working

People often discover that their iPhone flashlight app has stopped functioning due to being outdated or corrupted and therefore requires reinstallation. An easy solution would be checking updates through App Store search for flashlight apps and updating them as necessary.

Resolving Flashlight Issues

If the iPhone flashlight app is updated, but still doesn’t function, this could be down to hardware issues. In such a situation, force restarting can help; simply hold down both Home and power buttons until the Apple logo appears on screen to restart.

Reset All Settings to Factory Settings

If a force restart does not resolve the problem, resetting all settings could help to remedy the situation. Resetting All Settings can be accomplished by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings – but before doing this it is recommended that you back up any data as this may erase user and network settings completely.

Why Won’t My Flashlight Work?

The iPhone flashlight is one of the most widely-used features on Apple devices, so it is crucial that it works. In many instances, hardware issues could be to blame; however, software issues could also arise. Below are possible causes and solutions for iPhone flashlight not functioning.

Battery Low

One possible cause may be that your flashlight’s battery has run low and needs charging, making the light unusable until fully charged. In order to restore its functionality, be sure to charge up your battery until its full before trying to use your flashlight again.

Corrupt App

Another possible source for flashlight malfunction could be an outdated or corrupt application. In such an instance, it would be beneficial to uninstall and reinstall it to restore functionality of the flashlight.

Faulty Battery

If the issue remains even after all settings have been reset, and all indicators indicate the battery to be functioning normally, it’s possible it may be defective and must be replaced by a new one. In such instances it would be best to purchase and install one from an online vendor as quickly as possible.

Hardware Issue

Hardware problems are an increasingly prevalent source of difficulties. If this is the case for you, professional help should be sought immediately to rectify the situation.


These are some of the common causes and solutions to an iPhone flashlight not working, which may be difficult to diagnose. Before trying to identify hardware problems, it’s best to try troubleshooting within the flashlight app, reset all settings, and test battery health first. If nothing else helps resolve the problem then professional assistance should be sought to address any outstanding issues.


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