Trouble Downloading/Updating Apps on iPhone AppStore? Here’s the Fix

Downloading/Updating Apps on iPhone AppStore

Apple iOS 14.8 and 15 bring many updates and modifications to iPhone users, with many finding their App Store apps are no longer downloading or updating properly. In this article we’ll explain why iPhone App Store doesn’t download apps after the iOS update and provide you with the working fix to this problem..

Why Does iOS 14.8/15 Cause App Store Not Downloading Errors?

Users encountering errors downloading or updating apps may come across various errors such as “Cannot Connect to App Store“, or even an “Unable to Download” message on iOS may run into issues when doing so; such issues could include;

* Unreliable Internet Connection: An unstable or inadequate internet connection can render even the most reliable applications unusable for downloading or updating.

*App Store Overload: If too many users accessing the App Store simultaneously, it can become overwhelmed and begin to malfunction.

* Data Corruption: If the data on your phone has become corrupted, this could affect how apps download and update.

* Outdated or malfunctioning Software: If your phone’s software is out-of-date or there’s a bug in its current version, this could be contributing to its issues.

* System Settings: Improper system settings may prevent you from downloading or updating apps through the App Store.

Troubleshooting and Fixing “App Store Not Downloading” Errors on iOS 14.8/15

Have App Store not downloading issues on your iPhone? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix these errors on iOS 14.8/15 .

Check Your Internet Connection

Before doing anything else, the first step should be ensuring that your internet connection is operating as intended. Checking both connection speed and any issues with Wi-Fi connection could reveal any potential problems; you may need to switch networks or use stronger Wi-Fi connectivity options if required.

Restart Your Phone

Sometimes all that’s required to fix an App Store issue is rebooting your phone – an easy, straightforward solution which could solve many different types of issues. To restart, hold down the power button until ‘Restart’ appears; tap it, wait a moment while it reboots, then attempt using App Store again once everything is back online.

Check System Settings

Poorly configured system settings could be the source of App Store-related issues. To check this isn’t the cause, open the Settings app and navigate to General section; look for and verify ‘Restrictions’ tab ensuring it is set appropriately.

Update Software

It could be that outdated software on your phone is to blame for any issues with it. To update, visit Settings app > General > Software Update and click Download and Install option to begin the download and installation process.

Resetting Network Settings

If the problem continues, you may need to reset your network settings. To do this, open the Settings app and navigate to General section before tapping Reset followed by Reset Network Settings option – this will restore factory defaults settings back onto your phone.

Clear App Store Cache

Sometimes App Store issues can be due to outdated data or corrupted information stored in its cache. To clear it out, open the App Store, navigate to Account tab, then Clear App Store Cache; this will delete any stored information and free up memory space.

If you’re having issues downloading apps from the App Store, it may be worth confirming your Apple ID is valid and free from locks or suspensions. To update this information simply navigate to ‘Account’ section then tap ‘Update Account Information’.


Diagnosing and fixing App Store downloading errors on iOS 14.8/15 shouldn’t be difficult, but may take some effort. If you are facing App Store not download apps on iPhone error, then this article should be helpful to you. Keep reading our blog regularly to get solutions to the latest errors on iPhone and other technology news.


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