How to Fix iPad Won’t Update iPadOS 16 – Latest 2023 Solutions

How to Fix iPad Won’t Update iPadOS 16 - Latest 2023 Solutions

Are You Frustrated Because Your iPad Won’t Update to iPadOS 16? We Understand, But There Are Solutions To Fix This Issue This article will guide you through steps to fix iPad Won’t update to iPadOS16 error quicly. By taking these steps and following them to completion, we hope to help you overcome the update problem and take advantage of all its new features and upgrades offered by iPadOS 16.

Solutions to Fix iPad Not Updating to iPadOS 16

  1. Check Internet Connection: The first thing to do if your iPad won’t update to iPadOS 16 is make sure that it has a stable internet connection. A weak or intermittent connection could prevent the update process, so connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network and check if all internet-dependent applications are functioning as expected. If your connection seems weak, rebooting your Wi-Fi router or contacting your service provider might help strengthen it further.
  2. Reboot Your iPad: Sometimes a simple reboot can solve software-related issues, including difficulties updating to iPadOS 16. To reboot your iPad, press and hold the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” slider appears; slide this to power off your device before waiting a few seconds and pressing and holding again until the Apple logo appears, signifying that your iPad has rebooted successfully. After this has taken place, attempt updating to iPadOS 16 once again.
  3. Undersufficient Storage Space: One common factor contributing to update failure is insufficient free space on your iPad. Before updating, check that there is enough free space available in order to accommodate a new operating system update. You can monitor this by visiting Settings > General > iPad Storage where a breakdown of apps and files that use up space will appear. If your iPad runs low on space, consider deleting unnecessary apps or files in order to free up more room on its memory.
  4. Removing and Re-Downloading an Update File: Sometimes an update file has only partially downloaded or has become corrupted during downloading, leading to its installation failing. To address this, delete the downloaded update file and attempt re-downloading it; to do this navigate to Settings > General > iPad Storage then locate and tap on “Delete Update.” Finally navigate back into Software Update in Settings to try downloading again.
  5. Reset Network Settings: To reset the network settings can help address network-related issues that prevent an update from installing successfully, although this will delete your saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth pairings, and VPN settings. To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Reset and select “Reset Network Settings,” entering your passcode if prompted and confirming this action. Once done, reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and retry updating your iPad again.
  6. Update with iTunes/Finder: If updating over-the-air (OTA) wasn’t successful, try updating via iTunes (or Finder if using macOS Catalina or later). Connect your iPad using USB cable, open iTunes/Finder and select your device when it appears; look for “Check for Update” and follow its onscreen instructions to download and install iPadOS 16.
  7. Restoring Your iPad: If all else fails, another approach would be restoring your iPad back to factory settings and then updating it to iPadOS 16. Before beginning this process, be sure to back up any essential information so as to prevent permanent loss. To restore, connect it to your computer using iTunes/Finder and select your device before clicking “Restore iPad” The process should erase and restore its original settings completely; once completed you may either set up as new or restore from backup created earlier; afterwards navigate back into “Settings > General > Software Update” and attempt updating to iPadOS 16 once more.


Encountering problems when updating to iPadOS 16 can be confusing, but with proper troubleshooting steps you can overcome this obstacle. If network-related issues continue then try resetting network settings, otherwise update using iTunes/Finder. By following these steps, you should be able to successfully Fix iPad not updating to iPadOS 16 issue. Please take your time, be patient and carefully follow all instructions given; afterward you should enjoy all of iPadOS 16’s new features and enhancements!

Disclaimer: While these steps have proven helpful for many iPad users in resolving update issues, individual results may vary and it is always wise to back up important files before attempting any major modifications on your device.


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