How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a flagship smartphone with top-notch features and specifications. But with all the advanced technology, comes potential security risks, software bugs, and accidental user errors. This is where factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus comes into play. Factory resetting your device can help you get rid of outdated, unwanted, or corrupt software from the system. It can also help you overcome any security risks you might have.

Why Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus?

– Refresh your device: You can easily execute a factory reset to refresh your device. This process will help to restore your device’s performance and fix any software issues you might be experiencing.

– Erase old content: If you plan on selling or donating your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, a factory reset is the best way to erase your personal content from the device.

– Reset network settings: If you’re having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc, factory resetting your device can help reset your network settings and fix the issue.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

1. Firstly, go to your device Settings.

2. Scroll down the Settings page and press the General management option.

3. Select the Reset option and tap Reset.

4. On the Reset page, select the Factory data reset option.

5. Next, tap on the Reset button. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will reset all the settings and reboot.

6. Once it boots up, it will prompt you to reconfigure the device settings.

7. Now, the device is successfully reset to factory settings.

Guidelines For Factory Resetting Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

1. Backup important data: Before you begin resetting your device, ensure that all your important contacts, messages, media, etc are backed up safely.

2. Use Original accessories: Try to use original accessorises provided by Samsung when you’re factory resetting your phone.

3. Remove SIM cards: Take out your SIM cards from the device before you factory reset it.

4. Uninstall apps: Uninstall all third-party apps from your device before you reset it.

5. Reset Apps Data: You can reset all the app data which are stored in your device. This will help keep your device secure and free from any unwelcome intrusions.

6. Keep Phone On Charge: Ensure that your device is duly charged before you attempt to reset it.


We hope that this guide has been helpful in explaining the steps and guidelines for factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. In order to keep your device secure and running at its best, factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus periodically and any time you notice problems with your device’s performance. Keep in mind to always back up all your important information before attempting factory resets.


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