How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10

It may happen that sooner or later you need to reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 to its factory settings. This process is referred to as factory reset or hard reset and will restore your device back to its original condition. It will wipe all data from your phone’s memory and leave it as clean as when you first bought it.

Why Should You Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Improves device performance by removing outdated files
  • Magnifies your device storage space by erasing data
  • Facilitates a smooth transition when switching to a new device
  • Removes chances of data revival as it wipes all traces of data
  • Helps make a device ready to sale or pass it along to someone else

How to Factory Reset the Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 1: Open Your Device Settings

Open your device Settings and navigate to the General Management tab.

Step 2: Reset the Device

Tap on Reset and then select Factory data reset.

Step 3: Select Reset Device or Erase All Data

You will now be provided with two options: select Reset device or Erase all data and reset settings. The latter will erase all your data including any accounts and settings as if you just bought the device.

Step 4: Agree to the Terms

Read through the information presented and agree to the terms by tapping on the ‘Reset’ button.

Step 5: Enter Your Device PIN

Enter your device pin when prompted and then tap on the red Error button.

Step 6: Connect Device to PC and Restore Backed Up Information

Your phone will begin resetting and will then display the menu option. At this point you can connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your computer to restore your backed up information.

Step 7: Reset to Factory Settings

Once all your data is restored your device will be reset to factory settings.

Congratulations! Your Samsung Galaxy S10 has successfully been reset to its original condition. Now that your device is back to normal, make sure to back up all your important data in case you need to reset it again. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can now easily factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S10.


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