How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the latest flagship device from the South Korean tech giant. It features an impressive 12GB RAM and 1TB internal storage. It comes with an Infinity-O display, a triple rear camera, and an in-display fingerprint sensor. However, like all smartphones, it is prone to performance issues due to the accumulation of unwanted data. This could be as a result of excessive downloading, installing many apps, poor network connection, etc. To bring the phone back to its original condition, it is important to factory reset the device. Doing so will wipe all user data and restore the device back to its original settings. Read on to learn how to perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB).

Why Should You Factory Reset?

• Removes Bloatware and Viruses: Factory reset clears all the redundant apps and software, and safeguarding your smartphone from any virus or malware attacks.

• Enables Faster Performance: By wiping away the unnecessary programs and data, the phone will run faster and smoother.

• Safeguards Your Privacy: Factory reset permanently deletes personal files, and other sensitive user data, thus protecting your privacy.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB)

• From the Home screen, open Settings and navigate to General Management tab.

• Tap on Reset and then tap on Factory Data Reset.

• On the next screen, tap on Reset.

• You will be prompted to enter your Samsung account credentials, do so, and hit the Continue button.

• Next, you will be asked to confirm your decision by tapping the Reset option in the pop up window.

• The device will start erasing all data.

• After a few minutes, the reset process will complete and your device will start wiping away the data.

• Once the process ends, your device will reset to factory settings. You can start using your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB) with its original settings.


Performing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB) is essential to ensure optimal performance. On top of deleting redundant apps and restoring your phone’s original settings, it will protect your data from viruses and theft. However, always ensure to back up all the important files and photos before factory resetting your device. That way, you can easily restore your data after the reset. All the steps mentioned above will help you easily reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12GB RAM + 1TB).


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