How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB)

In 2020, Samsung launched its latest Galaxy M31 series in India. This series has various models including 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage versions, of which the most popular and widely sold variant is the Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM+ 128GB). But like all smartphones, this device too may experience technical issues caused due to constant wear and tear or wrong usage. While some of these issues can be fixed easily by rebooting or wiping the cache, some of them become hard to deal with and require factory resetting.

What is a Factory Reset?

A factory reset, also known as the hard reset can be defined as a process of restoring the original settings to the device, thus discarding all the installed applications, data and settings. It is often used in cases where the device can no longer boot, camera issues, battery related malfunctions, etc. It is also done to access a device in case of a forgotten lock pattern, PIN or passwords.

Why Perform a Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB)?

The Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM+ 128GB) can be subjected to the factory reset process under certain conditions which should be considered carefully. In general, here are the main reasons why you may need to reset your Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB):

  • To get rid of viruses and malware that might have attacked the device.
  • To make the device run faster by discarding unnecessary data and applications.
  • To fix a faulty camera or other hardware related issues.
  • To troubleshoot when the device is stuck at a certain point.
  • To delete personal data permanently and reset the device for sale/shifting.
  • To reset forgotten/lost lock patterns, pin or passwords.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB)?

The steps to perform a factory reset for the Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB) vary slightly between different Android versions. Here are the steps to do a factory reset via the Settings app in the device:

Step 1:

Before performing a factory reset, it is recommended to first backup the data in the device via a Cloud Storage service or by making a physical transfer of the important files.

Step 2:

Now open the Settings app in the device and tap on the ‘General Management’ option.

Step 3:

Scroll down and select the ‘Reset’ option.

Step 4:

Touch on ‘Factory Data Reset’ and wait for the data reset process to start. This may take some time depending on the amount of data in the device.

Step 5:

Now select ‘Reset’ one more time when prompted and wait for the factory reset process to finish.

Step 6:

Once the reset process is complete, your Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB) will restart and you can further personalize the device by setting up dual SIM cards, language, country, Google Account, etc.


A factory reset can be a life-saver in many situations where the device needs to be accessed, fixed or completely reset. It’s a perfect solution for security reasons such as forgotten lock patterns or passwords, as well as for workaround when the device experiences hardware related issues or malfunctions. We hope this guide was helpful in understanding how to perform a factory reset on a Samsung Galaxy M31 (6GB RAM +128GB) device.


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