How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A81

Factory resetting or hard resetting a device is a fairly common practice performed by many users in order to rid their device of any personal information and start fresh. Having a crystal clear, smooth running device is often the goal of any hard reset and that’s no different for the Samsung Galaxy A81. In this guide, we will discuss what the benefits of a hard reset are, and how to do it properly.

Benefits of a Hard Reset

A hard reset of a device can bring multiple benefits, including:

  • Speed Up Your Device – Often times, apps, and updates can bog down your phone’s system, making it run slowly and lag. A factory reset pushes everything back to its default setting and wipes out the memory of your device, thus doing a clean sweep of the undesirable material.
  • Fixing Common Issues – Bugs and other glitches can hinder the performance of your device, making it less enjoyable to use. Performing a hard reset can solve most of these issues, doing a thorough cleaning of your device.
  • Increased Security – Doing a full factory reset of your device is a sure fire way to ensure any old data or personal information can’t be recovered.

How to Factory Reset Device

Factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy A81 is fairly easy and doesn’t take long to do.


  • Open Settings on your device and tap on General Management.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset and read the information on the screen.
  • Tap Reset to confirm you would like to factory reset your device.
  • Enter your password if prompted and tap Next.
  • Tap Delete all when prompted.
  • Once it is done resetting, your device will reboot and may take some time to do so.

Congratulations! You have successfully performed a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy A81. Your device should now be running faster and more securely. Be sure to configure the settings to exactly how you like it for a personal and optimized experience.


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