How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A70e

Having a state of the art device, like the Samsung Galaxy A70e, can be a great experience. But with more complex hardware and software, comes greater possibilities for error. Sometimes, you may need to factory reset in order to get your phone back to working in top shape. Factory Resetting your Samsung Galaxy A70e can help resolve issues you’ve been having, improve slow response times, and help get your phone running like new again. Below, we’ll explain the what, why, and how of how to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy A70e.

Why Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy A70e?

  • Clean and Speed Up: Factory resetting your phone can get rid of any lingering bugs, viruses, and other problems. A phone that’s been collecting data, temporary files, and background apps can slow down significantly, but resetting will delete all of these and reboot your phone, helping it work more quickly and reliable.
  • Quickly Revert Back: If you’ve made any changes to your phone that you aren’t keen on or have caused some problems, quickly resetting your phone back to factory state will easily revert any changes you’ve made.
  • Secure Logout: Factory resetting your phone will ensure any login credentials, payment methods, and passwords stored on your phone are cleared, so no one can access your information.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A70e

Step 1: Access.

Begin by switching the Samsung Galaxy A70e off, then press and hold the Volume Up button alongside the Power button for a few seconds until your phone vibrates and the Android to logo appears.

Step 2: Recovery Mode.

You should now be in the Recovery Mode menu. The Volume buttons act as navigation keys, so to select an option, simply use the Volume Down button.

Step 3: Wipe Data.

Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset from the menu. Then select Yes, to confirm this action. Your Samsung Galaxy A70e will now reset to its factory settings.

Step 4: Reboot.

Once the reset is finished, all the data and settings stored on your phone will be deleted and you will now be taken to the Recovery Mode menu again. To reboot your device, select Reboot System Now.


Factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy A70e is a quick and simple way to clean and speed up your phone and undo any changes or errors you’ve encountered. You can do this by accessing your phone’s Recovery Mode and selecting Wipe Data/Factory Reset from the menu. After you’ve selected Yes, your phone will be reset to its original factory state. If you’ve kept a good backup, you can restore your contacts, photos, and files easily after resetting your phone.


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