How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21s

Being a budget-friendly phone, the Samsung Galaxy A21s offers amazing features along with amazing budget-friendly price tag. The Galaxy A21s runs on Android 10 with Samsung’s OneUI on top of it, and is powered by an Octa-core Exynos 850 processor. The overall performance of the phone remains quite robust, making it a great choice for users looking for a decent phone that offers them an array of dignified features. Eventually, these features involve a complex set of data, making factory reset the natural solution for people to scrub out the unwanted muddles. There are several instances when a factory reset is the most viable step one can take. Many users find it as a worthy means to make their device run as smooth and smoothly as possible, while others opt for a factory reset to erase all the titles from their device.

Why you should perform a factory reset

  • To erase all the personal information and media from your phone
  • To reset all the settings to their original state
  • To speed up your phone’s performance
  • To remove viruses and performance-impacting malware
  • To make your phone more secure

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21s

Before you factory reset your Samsung Galaxy A21s, you must ensure to back up all important data to an external drive or cloud storage.

1. Open the Settings app and tap on ‘General Management’

2. Tap on ‘Reset’ and select ‘Factory data reset’

3. A warning message will be displayed on your screen; read it carefully

4. Tap on ‘Reset’ to confirm you want to factory reset your phone

5. The reset process will start and will take few minutes to complete

6. Once the reset is complete, your phone will Reboot normally

7. Set up your phone and restore your backed-up data to your restored phone

This is the complete procedure on How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21s. After the reset process has been completed, your Galaxy A21s will reboot automatically and show you the setup screen. Once the setup process has been completed, you will be ready to use the phone normally. You can also resort to restoring data that you have backed up to your device. All during the reset process, make sure to keep the phone connected to a power source. This will ensure that the phone does not turn off due to lack of power supply during the reset process. That said, perform a factory reset only when it is absolutely necessary, and only after you’ve backed up important data.


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