How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB)

You might be considering a factory reset for your Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB) if it’s not working optimally or if you want to change its settings. Resetting or resetting your phone wipes away all installed applications, personal data, settings, preferences, images and other files stored on your phone’s hard drive, also known as a factory reset. If you’re looking for a way to get your Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB) back to its original operating system and settings with a factory reset, it’s easy to do.

Why Reset Your Galaxy A21s?

  • It improves the performance – Resetting your smartphone may help remove the accumulated clutter that weighs down your mobile performance or delete any unnecessary applications and files that take up precious memory space.
  • To remove a virus from your device – If your mobile device is infected with a virus, a hard reset will remove it and delete all virus-infected files.
  • To remove malware from your device – If you come across a suspicious file or application, a factory reset can help you get rid of it without any traces.
  • To start fresh – If you want to give your device to someone else or just start fresh with a clean slate, a factory reset is the way to go.
  • To switch to a new Android version – If you want to upgrade your OS to a newer version of Android, you can do this by factory resetting your device and reinstalling the latest version.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB)?

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Backup & Reset’.
  2. Tap on ‘Reset Device’ and then on ‘Erase Everything’.
  3. Confirm by tapping on ‘Erase Everything’ again.
  4. Your device will now be reset and all personal data will be erased.


Resetting your Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB) to its factory settings is a great way to clear out clutter, delete viruses, and restore your phone to its original state. It’s also a great way to get your devices back to their original operating system and settings. Following the few steps above, you’ll be able to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 64GB) and have it fresh and new in no time.


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