How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s

Resetting the Samsung Galaxy A20s in Safe Mode

The Samsung Galaxy A20s is one of the latest smartphones released by Samsung. It has a 6.5” Infinity-O Display, a Triple Camera Setup and runs on the latest Android 9.0 OS. However, like any other device it may need to be reset in order to free up memory and clear any malfunctions or errors. Resetting the device can only be done in safe mode, so here’s a step-by-step guide on how to factory reset the Samsung Galaxy A20s in safe mode.

Why Should You Enable Safe Mode?

It is important to know that factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy A20s will wipe out all the data stored on the device, be it personal information, apps or settings. Thus, it is necessary to back up all the data first, before proceeding with the reset. This makes safe mode a necessity to ensure that no information gets deleted accidentally. Factory resetting your device in safe mode also helps fix errors which may be caused due to some buggy apps, thereby restoring the performance of your device to its previous state.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy A20s in Safe Mode

Step 1: Switch off your Samsung Galaxy A20s and wait for it to power down completely.

Step 2: Press the power button to switch it back on. As soon as it powers on, press and hold down ‘Volume Down’ and ‘Power’ button together until the device’s screen lights up.

Step 3: You will now see a logo like a broken Android robot with a message “No command” written below it. At this point, press the ‘Power’ button again and then press and hold the ‘Volume Up’ button.

Step 4: You will now be taken into the ‘Recovery Mode’, wherein there will be a list of options presented in front of you. Use your ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons to go to ‘Wipe data/Factory Reset’ option, and select it using the ‘Power’ button.

Step 5: You will now be asked to confirm that you want to perform the action. Again, go to ‘Yes’ option using ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Power’ button.

Step 6: Once confirmed, the Samsung Galaxy A20s will begin to take back to its factory settings. It will take around five to ten minutes to do this, after which the device will restart.

Step 7: As soon as it restarts, you will have successfully reset your device to its factory settings and will no longer have any of the stored data that you previously had.


Following the abovementioned steps will help you factory reset your Samsung Galaxy A20s in safe mode. However, it is strongly recommended to back up all personal data before attempting this as resetting the device in safe mode will delete all the stored data.


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