How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

For tech savvy users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Developer Options supply support for development tasks that you or a software engineer could take. Unlocking them, gives access to features such as USB Debugging, Planck Layout Inspector and many more. It’s pretty much a necessity if you plan to modify the system of your Samsung device, so this guide will take you through step by step on how to enable the developer options in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Why Should You Enable Developer Options In Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

Although not everyone will find this feature necessary, there are advantages to unlocking the Developer Options. Here are a few of the benefits of doing so:

  • Increase the battery life of your smartphone
  • Connect your device to a computer and gain access to all the files
  • Gain access to the Delhi Layout Inspector which helps you recognize how your device’s UI works
  • Enable USB debugging to use apps that take advantage of its functionality

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Enabling the developer options is quite an easy process. Here are the steps to reacquaint you with the essential feature:

Step 1

Open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Step 2

Scroll down from the home page of Settings to About phone.

Step 3

Tap the About phone option, and then tap Software information.

Step 4

Tap the Build number seven times in succession.

Step 5

A “you are now a developer” notification will appear.

Step 6

After the notification appears, you can return to the Settings app and notice the Developer Options menu is now enabled.

Step 7

You may now be able to gain access to the exclusive features this menu has to offer.

These features can make modifications to the system of your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra more accessible, so if you are into that sort of thing – this is something you should consider.


For tech savvy users that like to fidget with their device’s look and feel, the Developer Options is an excellent resource that enable full access tools such as USB Debugging, Planck Layout Inspector and a lot more. Here we have shown you a guide on how to enable the Developer Options within your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. So, have you unlocked Developer Options in your device yet? Have you witnessed the look and feel can be significantly impacted just through the tools this menu has to offer? We would love to hear about your experiences.


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