How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is a popular phone with a lot of excellent features and functions. One of the most useful functions is the ability to enable developer options so that you can customize your device to your personal preference. This makes it easy to personalize your phone and get the most out of it. Enabling developer options is quick and easy, and can open up a whole world of possibilities with your device.

Why Enable Developer Options?

Enabling developer options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7R has many benefits:

  • Overclock the processor
  • Disable signature verification
  • Enable switchable GPU
  • Apply custom mods
  • Underclock components for improved battery life
  • Root your device
  • Enable USB debugging
  • Create custom ROMs

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Enabling developer options in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is a fairly straightforward process. All you need to do is follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open Settings and Tap ‘About Phone’

On your device, open the Settings app, then tap “About Phone”.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Tap ‘Build Number’

Once you’re in the About Phone menu, scroll down until you see the “Build number” option. Tap it 7 times and you’ll be prompted with a success message.

Step 3: Enable Developer Options

After tapping the “Build number” option 7 times, go back to the main Settings page and you’ll now see the “Developer options” entry. Tap it to open the Developer Options menu.

Step 4: Set up a Developer Options Key

The Developer Options menu will be empty, so first you’ll need to set up a key. Tap the “Setup key” option at the bottom of the menu and enter a 4-6 digit PIN. This will be the key you need to access the Developer Options in the future.

Step 5: Enable Developer Options

Now that you have set up your key, you can enable the Developer Options. Tap on the “Enable Developer Options” option, type in the PIN you have chosen, then check the “Enable” box. Your Developer Options are now enabled on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.


Enabling developer options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is a great way to customize your device and squeeze out extra performance from it. It’s easy to do and can open up a world of possibilities. Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll have developer options enabled in no time.


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