How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy M31s (8GB RAM +128GB)

Enabling the developer options on your Samsung Galaxy M31s (8GB RAM +128GB) is an important step towards gaining administrative and debugging privileges. Every smartphone ships with certain limitations with respect to user privileges. Therefore, it is natural to gain advanced access to certain system-level functions and features. Enabling developer options essentially unlocks them for your device and allows you to take advantage of the OS to its fullest extent.

Why Enable Developer Options?

Here’s what you can do after enabling developer options on your Samsung Galaxy M31s:

  • Activate USB debugging for data transfer and debugging.
  • Access system settings on your device that are otherwise hidden.
  • Unlock OEM unlocking to root your device and install custom ROMs.
  • Edit the overall user interface.
  • Utilize performance and memory optimization settings.
  • Enable or disable camera2 API on your device.
  • Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log for debugging.
  • Detect pixel-level screen-touches and measure screen details.

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy M31s (8GB RAM +128GB)

Enabling developer options on your Samsung Galaxy M31s (8GB RAM +128GB) is a relatively simple process. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out:

Step 1: Access the Settings Menu

Open the Settings menu on your Samsung Galaxy M31s and navigate to About Phone.

Step 2: Tap the “Build Number” Option

Scroll down to the “Build Number” option and tap it seven times. This will enable the “Developer Mode.”

Step 3: Access the Developer Options

Once Developer Mode is enabled, a new option called “Developer Options” will appear in the Settings menu.

Step 4: Enable the Developer Options

Open the Developer Options window and tap “Enable First” toggle. Once this is done, the Developer Options will be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy M31s.

Step 5: Explore the Options

You can now explore the various Developer Options available. These provide users a way to access settings that are otherwise not available.

It is important to note that several Developer Options can adversely affect the performance and functionality of your device if used recklessly. Therefore, before tinkering with the settings, make sure you understand what they can be used for.


That’s it. You have successfully enabled Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy M31s (8GB RAM +128GB). This process is quite simple and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Following the steps outlined above should help you access these advanced features without any hassles.


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