How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy M30s

Setting up developer options in a Samsung Galaxy M30s is an excellent way to unlock more features for yourself. The Galaxy M30s comes with an array of functionalities and options accessible only through developer options. In this guide, we’ll explain why and how to access and enable the hidden developer options on the Samsung Galaxy M30s as well as help you understand the possible implications of enabling and using the same.

Why Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy M30s?

The process of enabling developer options is in place to keep most of the sensitive system settings hidden and inaccessible by default. Despite this, unlocking these options could bring the following benefits:

  • Gives access to a wide array of system settings and options: You get to bypass many of the system settings that are otherwise locked by default and therefore, gain access to features unavailable on vanilla android.
  • Gives more room to tweak and customize: You get access to tweak several system-level settings which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.
  • Knows about hidden system issues: By digging into the developer options, you can also identify several system issues that are not apparent on the surface.

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy M30s?

To enable developer options on the Samsung Galaxy M30s, begin by visiting the Settings app and then tap on About phone. Next, scroll down and locate the Software Information section and tap on it. Now, find the Build Number section and tap on it seven times in quick succession.

If done correctly, the Developer Options menu will now show up in the Settings app menu. Tap on it and the Developer options menu will let you view several hidden system-level settings. You can set or modify the settings as needed according to your requirements.

After you’re done setting or modifying the options, you can tap on the back button of your device twice to exit the Developer option menu and save your changes.


It is important to note that after enabling developer options you should not make any changes that you don’t understand, as some of these settings may affect crucial system components affecting the usability of your device. Whenever in doubt, you should consult the official documentation provided with your device.


By carefully following the guide provided in this article, you can easily enable the hidden developer options on your Samsung Galaxy M30s. However, before tinkering with the advanced system settings, it is pertinent to read about the implications that the changes might have on your device. Make sure to only modify the setting that you are comfortable with and understand the consequences that come with them.


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