How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy J8

Enabling Developer Options on Your Samsung Galaxy J8

If you have a Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone, chances are that you will want to maximize its usage and all the great features that it comes with. With this in mind, you may want to turn on the phone’s Developer Options, that allows a user to gain access to advanced features. This article is going to explain why it is beneficial to enable Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy J8 and provide an easy step-by-step guide to doing so.

Why Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy J8?

  • Get access to advance settings that weren’t previously available
  • Can enable USB debugging
  • Can view System UI Tuner allowing you to access even more features
  • Enable OEM Unlocking, which will allow you to flash an operating system or unlock the bootloader
  • Allow you to customize the look and feel of the device.

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy J8

Step 1. Unlock your device; it should be unlocked in order to make any changes.

Step 2. Press the lower left corner (at back of Samsung Galaxy J8) and keep pressing until you feel a click.

Step 3. Press ‘Settings’.

Step 4. Select ‘About Phone’.

Step 5. Under ‘Settings’ choose ‘Software Information’.

Step 6. Scroll down to ‘Build Number’.

Step 7. Tap ‘Build Number’ multiple times (5-7 times).

Step 8. You will then get a pop-up saying that you are now a developer.

Step 9. Go back to ‘Settings’.

Step 10. Scroll down and you should now see a new option called ‘Developer Options’.

Step 11. Tap ‘Developer Options’.

Step 12. Tap the ‘ON’ button located at the top right corner.

Step 13. Your Samsung Galaxy J8 Developer Options are now enabled!


Enabling Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy J8 is an easy and simple process. It offers a lot of great benefits such as access to advanced settings and options on your phone that were previously not available, the ability to enable USB debugging, viewing System UI Tuner, and enabling OEM Unlocking. With this guide on how to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy J8, you can now make use of all these benefits!


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