How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy F22 (6GB RAM + 128GB)

In the smartphone industry Samsung is well known for its powerful and pocket-friendly devices like Samsung Galaxy F22. It sports a 6.4” super AMOLED display with a triple rear camera of 48MP + 5MP + 5MP and a 16MP punch hold front camera. Another remarkable feature of this phone is its 6GB RAM 128 GB of storage. This makes Samsung Galaxy F22 a great device to operate smoothly and sufficient enough to store all our data. However, to unlock some extra feature of this device for professional work, it is important to know how to enable Developer Options.

Why you should Enable Developer Options?

Unlocking Developer Option enables power users to access some useful features for professional work like:

USB Debugging

It allows Android Device to communicate with a computer allowing easy transfer of data or some tests.

Check Device Info

It allows users to access information about the device like Android version, Baseband version number, etc.

Capturing bug report

Sometimes a developer or program may interfere with another application causing instability in the system. With Developer option, user can capture bug reports which help the developer to fix the bug.

Hundreds of other developer options

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy F22?

Enabling Developer Option is quite simple. Follow the steps given below to perform the action:

  • Go to Settings of your Samsung Galaxy F22.
  • Scroll down to the “About Phone” section, and tap on it.
  • Scroll down and find “Build Number”.
  • Tap on the “Build Number” seven times.
  • You’ll get a pop up that says the “Developer Options” are enabled.
  • Tap back and you’ll find Developer Option in the Settings, just above the “About Phone”.

Congratulations! Your Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy F22 are now enabled. Enjoy dozens of functions to explore and customize your phone as per your need.


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