How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW

The Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW is one of the latest and powerful additions to Samsung’s mid-range lineup. It is loaded with excellent features that cater to both tech-savvy users and those who aren’t tech-savvy. One of the features that make this device so special is the hidden Developer Options which allow users to access all the hardware information and control the device at a deeper level.

Why Enable Developer Options?

The main reason to enable Developer Options is so that advanced users can make better use of the device. It includes useful options such as USB debugging, memory manager, OEM unlocking, rooting, and other tweaks. Additionally, it makes it easier to gather technical information about the hardware, like processor speeds and memory readings.

Here are some of the benefits of enabling Developer Options:

  • It tweaks system settings at a deeper level, allowing for better control over the device’s performance.
  • Allows users to test out new software before it completes a full install.
  • Allows users to access applications and other hidden features or options.
  • Helps users to diagnose any potential problems with the device’s hardware.
  • Allows users to access settings to enhance battery life.

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW

  • Unlock the Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW and swipe up to access the home screen.
  • Open the Settings app and scroll down to select the “About Phone” option.
  • There, you will see a “Software Information” section. Tap on the “Build Number” section 7 times in a row. You will see a message that says, “You are now a developer”.
  • After this, go back to the Settings main page, and you will now see the “Developer Options” at the end of the list.
  • Open up the Developer Options page and toggle the switch at the top of the page to “on”, to enable Developer Options.
  • At this point, you will be able to see all the available set of settings for advanced users.
  • To access any setting, simply tap on it and adjust to your needs.


Congratulations, you have now successfully enabled Developer Options in the Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW. With these options, you can now tweak your device and get much more out of it.

Remember to keep your new Developer Options settings safe and secure, as it could potentially put your device at risk. If you are experiencing problems with your device, it might be best to leave it as it is and take it to a professional for repairs.


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