How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A71

When it comes to Android devices, there are lots of customization options available. One of the most useful and interesting ones is the Developer Options. Enabling Developer Options in a Samsung Galaxy A71 device allows users to unlock a wide range of features and settings which can be used to tweak their device and give it a more personal touch. In recent times, this has become a very popular feature among Android users, with more and more people gravitating towards it for the plethora of benefits it promises. In this article, we’ll explore how to enable Developer Options, USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking in the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Why Enable Developer Options?

  • Steps can be taken to become a more efficient user
  • Gives you a better understanding of your device’s hardware and software
  • Offers you the chance to customize your device in various ways
  • Allows you to access certain features that are usually hidden
  • Allows better control over app installations
  • Gives you more control over your device’s system settings

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A71

Enabling this feature in the Samsung Galaxy A71 may seem like a complicated process, but it’s actually quite simple. Follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: Go to the Settings menu

First, you’ll need to open the Settings app on your Samsung Galaxy A71 device. To do this, tap on the notification shade at the top of your device’s home screen. From the list of icons, select the cogwheel at the very top to launch the Settings app.

Step 2: Select About Phone

Then, look for the ‘About Phone’ option and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap build number seven times

Once you’re in the About Phone section, you’ll need to scroll all the way down until you see the ‘Build Number’ information. Tap on the ‘Build Number’ option seven times in succession. As you do this, you’ll see a pop-up message appear that says ‘You are now a developer!’. This is confirmation that Developer Options is enabled in your device.

Step 4: Back out and locate Developer Options

Next, go back to the main Settings menu. Now, you’ll find a brand new option which will say ‘Developer Options’. This is the new setting that you’ve just activated. Go ahead and tap on it to open the settings menu.

Step 5: Enable USB Debugging

Scroll through the list of options and locate the ‘USB Debugging’ option. Tap on it to enable, and then confirm your selection.

Step 6: Enable OEM Unlock

The next setting to enable is the ‘OEM Unlocking’ option. As before, tap to enable it and then confirm your selection.

With these steps, you now know how to enable Developer Options, USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking in the Samsung Galaxy A71. Once you’ve finished enabling these settings, you’ll be able to maximize the power and capabilities of your device. Now, you can explore a range of features which were previously unavailable to you!


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