How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A70e

Why Enable Developer Options in the Samsung Galaxy A70e?

Enabling Developer Options in the Samsung Galaxy A70e allows you to have a smoother experience while dealing with root access, custom ROMs, etc. It also gives you access to more detailed settings like USB debugging, memory usage tracking, etc so you can gain additional info regarding how apps and system components are working and/or validate that features are not working as expected.

How to Enable Developer Options in Samsung Galaxy A70e

1. Open the Settings app in your Samsung Galaxy A70e.

2. Scroll down and tap on About Phone.

3. Under About Phone, locate the Build Number. Tap it multiple times.

4. After some tapping, you will get a prompt saying “You are now a developer”. You have now enabled the Developer options in the device.

5. Go back and open the Settings menu. You will find Developer options, towards the bottom of the list. Tap it to open.

6. Under Developer Options, you will be able to toggle a lot of settings. The most important ones which are generally used are USB Debugging, Memory Stats, Background Process Limit, etc.

7. To access any of these options, toggle the On/Off slider or check the checkbox.


You have successfully enabled the Developer Options in your Samsung Galaxy A70e. With the help of this guide, you can now access the advanced settings of the phone and gain additional knowledge about the working of the apps and the system components. The Developer Options can be used to implement various customizations to the device. Make sure to get familiar with all the settings before attempting any customization in the phone.


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