How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 7R


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a flagship smartphone that was released in 2016, and is still capable of running many powerful applications. That being said, like any other device, including tablets and computers, some issues can occur from time to time. If this happens with your Note 7, it may be useful for you to enter safe mode to diagnose and possibly fix the issue. In this guide, we provide the steps on how to boot into safe mode on your Note 7 and how it could potentially help to resolve any difficulties you may be facing with your device.

Why You Should Enter Safe Mode

Entering into safe mode can be beneficial in a lot of situations. Here are a few of the main instances in which safe mode can help:

  • It shuts down any applications you’ve recently downloaded. This means that any malicious software or apps with harmful processes can be stopped from running on your Note 7 in safe mode.
  • If you’ve just installed a new application or a system update and suddenly experience some type of issue, you can use safe mode to temporarily disable any recently installed software and spare yourself from any further issues.
  • It can help to diagnose and pinpoint any hardware issues you may be facing with your device, as it’s possible that a pesky app or software is to blame for your hardware problems.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Booting your Galaxy Note 7 into safe mode is surprisingly easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the Power Button until you see the Power Off menu on your Note 7’s screen.
  • Once you’ve opened the power menu, press and hold the Power Off option until you see a dialog box that says “Reboot to safe mode”.
  • Tap the OK button and wait for your Note 7 to shut off and restart in safe mode.
  • You will notice the words “Safe Mode” appear in the bottom left corner, indicating that you have successfully booted into safe mode. You can now exit safe mode by simply powering off your device and powering it back on again.


As you’ve learned, it’s incredibly easy to boot your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into safe mode whenever you’re dealing with any type of Android-related issue. This can be extremely helpful to diagnose potential hardware


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