How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy M30s (4GB RAM + 128GB)

Introduction to Samsung Galaxy M30s (4GB RAM+128 GB)

The Samsung Galaxy M30s is an Android-based smartphone released by Samsung in July 2019. It comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ display, Exynos 9611 chipset, 4GB of RAM, up to 128GB of internal storage, and a massive 6,000 mAh battery. The device runs on Android Pie which has a range of features and options. With its cutting edge specs and incredibly powerful battery, the Samsung Galaxy M30s is one of the top mid-range smartphones currently available on the market.

Why Reboot Into Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy M30s?

If your Samsung Galaxy M30s is running slow or facing boot-up issues, then you may need to reboot it into safe mode to troubleshoot the issue further. Safe mode boots the device without any third-party apps or processes and helps you identify any potentially malicious software installed on the device. Other than this, here are some of the other reasons why you should enter safe mode on your Galaxy M30s:

  • Identify and uninstall any third-party apps that may be causing problems with your device;
  • Wipe the system cache if a recent software update is causing problems on your device;
  • Diagnose and fix boot up and software related issues;
  • Easily access your device in the unlikely event it has become unresponsive or stuck in a boot loop.

How To Boot Into Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy M30s?

The process of rebooting into safe mode in Samsung Galaxy M30s is quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is turn off your device, hold the Power key and then press the Volume Down key. Once you have done that, the device will boot into safe mode. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by turning off your Samsung Galaxy M30s completely.
  2. After your device is switched off, press and hold the Power key for a few seconds to power it on.
  3. As soon as the Samsung logo appears on the display, start pressing the Volume Down key.
  4. Keep pressing it until you hear a beep sound or you see the Safe Mode message displayed on the screen.
  5. Let go of the buttons and your Samsung Galaxy M30s will now boot into Safe Mode.

Once your device is successfully booted into safe mode, you can start troubleshooting by removing any third-party apps you have installed or wiping the system cache.


Booting into safe mode is a great way to troubleshoot any software related issues on your Samsung Galaxy M30s (4GB RAM+128 GB). The process of rebooting into safe mode is quite simple – just turn off your device, press and hold the Power key and then press the Volume Down key until you hear a beep or until your device shows a message that it has successfully booted into the Safe Mode. Once you’re into the Safe Mode, you can start diagnosing and fixing any bootup and software related problems on your device.


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