How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus, the mid-range smartphone from the South Korean giant. If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone with the latest and greatest features, the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is a great option for you. But if you encounter certain issues with your device, like a random freeze or application crash, booting into safe mode can provide an easy fix.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode that boots up a device with only the essential system files and services. You won’t be able to access any third-party applications in this mode, so this will help you to figure out if the problem is caused by a third-party app, or by the core system files. Further, safe mode usually prevents any malicious software from running, so it’s also a smart safety measure if your phone may have been infected by malware.

Why Boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus?

  • Identify problems caused by third-party applications or services
  • Safeguard your device if it may have been infected by malicious software
  • Easily uninstall or turn off any problem-causing app
  • Temporarily disable any non-essential services
  • Resolve any sort of random freeze, system lag, or crashes

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

In the modern age of Android, the process to boot your device into Safe Mode has become a bit more streamlined. Here’s how to do it on your Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus:

Step 1

On the home screen of your phone, press and hold down the ‘Power’ button.

Step 2

You’ll now see a pop-up window or menu with the option to ‘Power Off,’ ‘Restart,’ and so on.

Step 3

Now press and hold down the ‘Power Off’ option until you see a new pop-up menu labeled ‘Reboot to Safe Mode.’

Step 4

Now simply press on ‘OK’ and the device will automatically restart with the safe mode.

You’ll now notice a ‘Safe Mode’ tag at the bottom-left of the home screen. Now you can easily troubleshoot any application to solve any issues you may be facing.

Step 5

To exit the safe mode, press and hold down the ‘Power’ button. Then press and hold down the ‘Power Off’ option until you see an ‘OK’ option to reboot normally. Tap on ‘OK’ and your phone will restart in the normal mode.


By using the method outlined above, you can easily boot into the safe mode of your Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus device. It is a relatively easy process and should help you identify and resolve any application or system issues with your device. You can then easily restart back into your normal mode and enjoy your device to the fullest.


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