How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

It’s possible that you may encounter various problems when using a smartphone. A common issue resolves when you enter into Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows a Samsung user to enter a advanced menu which has restricted access. This mode is important in troubleshooting and fixing problems related to third-party apps. Furthermore, Safe Mode will disable the factory, downloaded, or third-party apps temporarily. On the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro especially, entering Safe Mode will come in of superb use if the phone becomes stuck or if you’re having trouble uninstalling an app.

Why you Should Enter Safe Mode

  • It is beneficial to enter into Safe Mode if your Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro device is experiencing issues such as crashing or freezing.
  • Entering Safe Mode will allow you to disable third-party apps safely and use your device’s main settings.
  • Entering Safe mode will help you to easily access the apps present in your device.
  • By entering into Safe Mode you can also check whether or not the issues faced are related to any third-party app.

How to Enter into Safe Mode on the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

  1. On the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button together.
  2. After holding them together for a few seconds, you will see the Samsung startup screen.
  3. Keep holding the buttons and wait for a few moments until the Safe mode text appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. As soon as you see the text, you can let go of the buttons. You have now entered the Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.
  5. To exit into regular mode, simply comes your Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro and the safe mode will automatically exit.


That’s everything you need to know about booting into Safe Mode on the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. Safe Mode is a very useful troubleshooting tool when you’re having trouble with your device. Be sure to take advantage of it when needed. If the issue persists even after using Safe Mode, contact customer support for further assistance.


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