How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A50

How to Use Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A50

Every now and then, Android phones can get a bit out of hand. Whether it is due to 3rd party apps, hardware issue, or other issues, then booting into safe mode can be a useful tool for diagnosing what is going on with the device. This article will focus on how to use safe mode techniques on Samsung Galaxy A50.

Why Boot into Safe Mode

Safe mode can be an effective way to diagnose 3rd party apps that cause your device to freeze or crash regularly. Also, if you’re experiencing sudden slowdowns due to bugs, then safe mode can be a way to identify when an app is causing the problem. Other issues include console errors and memory problems.

• Helps to identify and diagnose a wide range of problems easily
• Restart your device without deleting any files or data
• Identifies third-party apps that can be causing device problems
• Evaluates performance issues like too slow device response
• Check for device memory, graphics, storage space, processor, etc.

How to Boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A50

To begin, you will need to power off your Samsung Galaxy A50. Once you have done this, press and hold down the power button until the device restarts. At the same time, press and hold down the Volume Down key as well. If this is done properly, a boot menu will appear on the screen.

Once the boot menu appears, you do the following steps
1. Use the volume keys to scroll down to ‘Safe Mode’
2. Press the power button to select ‘Safe Mode’

3. The device will now immediately reboot into safe mode
4. Once the device has restarted, you will be presented with the ‘Safe Mode’ logo.

Once you’ve booted into safe mode, you can now use the device as you normally would be able to. It is important to know that the following functions will be disabled while you are in safe mode:
• 3rd party apps will all be disabled
• Wireless Connectivity will be disabled
• Bluetooth will not be available
• All downloaded apps that are installed by default will be disabled

It is important to note that safe mode will not delete any data or settings on your device, so it is safe to use. To exit safe mode, simply restart your device as you normally would and you should be back in normal operation.


Safe mode can be a useful tool for those who are experiencing problems with their device. Whether it is a 3rd party app that is causing it, or a hardware issue, booting into safe mode can help identify what is causing the problem and how to ultimately resolve it. Safe mode also comes with the benefit that it does not delete any data or settings, only disable the necessary functions that could have been the problem. With this guide, you should now have the knowledge of how to boot your Samsung Galaxy A50 into safe mode.


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