How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 128GB)

The Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 128GB) is an impressive smartphone with various features and capabilities. It is known for its advanced performance and fast-paced experience. While it is a great device, many users face an issue with the booting process. Unlike other Android devices, this phone does not come with a standard reboot option. To counter this predicament, users need to utilize the feature ‘safe mode’ which prevents any third-party apps from functioning and only lets the essential built-in apps to run. Thankfully, this feature is simple to access and can help get your device running without any compromise.

Why Should You Boot into Safe Mode?

  • If you’re facing software issues or troubleshooting errors
  • If your device is lagging or running slow and you want to overcome this problem
  • To uninstall the third-party app that are causing an issue
  • To stop unnecessary apps from running in the background

How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 128GB)?

The steps to access safe mode in the Samsung Galaxy A21s 6GB RAM + 128GB are easy to follow:

Step 1: Power Off

Press and hold the power button for about 4-5 seconds until your device powers off and then select the “Power off” option.

Step 2: Volume Up and Down

Now, press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons together for about five seconds and then release them.

Step 3: Enter Safe Mode

Your phone will start rebooting and you will see “Safe Mode” on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Use Device

Now, you can remove any malicious apps or use the device normally.

Step 5: Power off and Reboot

To exit safe mode and return to normal mode, just press the power button, select the “Power off” option, and wait for the device to reboot.

You should now be able to access Safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy A21s (6GB RAM + 128GB). If you have any difficulties, you can contact your service provider or try looking online for helpful tutorials and troubleshooting guides. Thank you for reading this article and good luck!


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