How to Boot into Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy A20s (4GB RAM+64GB)

Booting your device into Safe Mode is a great way to help you diagnose issues with your device. This can help you determine whether the problems you’re experiencing are caused by the device’s hardware or if there is an issue with the way software is running on your device. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps for how to boot into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A20s (4GB RAM+64GB).

Why Boot Into Safe Mode?

  • It helps you determine if the issue you’re having is caused by a third-party app
  • It will turn off all third-party apps, allowing you to test the device with basic services
  • It will let you access your device in order to fix errors with the operating system
  • It will help you identify if the issue you’re having is caused by the hardware itself or by something with the operating system

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A20s (4GB RAM+64GB)

1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy A20s.

2. Press and hold the Power button and Volume Down button simultaneously until the device powers on.

3. The device should show the Samsung logo, followed by the logo for the Operating System.

4. Once you see the Operating System logo, let go of the Power button and Volume Down button.

5. The device should now boot into Safe Mode. On your screen you will see the words Safe Mode in the bottom left corner.

Diagnosing Issues in Safe Mode

Now that you’ve successfully entered Safe Mode, you can try testing out your device and see if the issue you were having is resolved. If the issue is solved, then it’s safe to assume that something with the software was causing your issue. At this point, you can enable each app one at a time until you find the app that was causing problems. Once you’ve identified the app causing the issue, you can uninstall it or update/disable it and then reboot your device again. This should resolve any issue you were having.

Hardware Issues

If the issue you were having still persists in Safe Mode, then it’s likely that the issue is with your device’s hardware. In this case, it’s best to take the device to an authorized service center and have it serviced.

We hope this guide has helped you boot your Samsung Galaxy A20s into Safe Mode. Knowing how to boot your device into Safe Mode can help you diagnose problems and save you from needing to take it to a service center.


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