How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the flagship smartphone from the popular Samsung Galaxy S series, offering a large 6.9-inch display, 12GB of RAM, and a stupendous quad-camera setup at the back. It also offers users access to a number of features like Samsung Pay, the Samsung DeX UI, and more. While all of these features can be beneficial to users, there may come a time when users need to access the Recovery Mode to fix any issue related to software. In this guide, we’ll show you how users can boot into the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Recovery Mode.

Why Boot into Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra provides users access to a number of options that can help in fixing software related issues. Below are some of the key reasons why one might want to boot into the recovery mode:

  • To wipe cache partition of the Galaxy S20 Ultra – This can help in reviewing crashes and lags that the device might be witnessing.
  • To install the latest Android OS update manually – This can be done in the recovery mode if the user isn’t able to receive a system update from the Settings app of the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  • To install an official or custom firmware – This can help users to improve the performance of the device significantly if the said firmware is installed carefully.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

  1. Start by rebooting the Galaxy S20 Ultra.
  2. As the device is booting, press and hold the Volume Up and Bixby Key together.
  3. Keep holding these two buttons until the boot screen shows up.
  4. Let go of these two buttons once the boot screen is visible.
  5. This will lead to the Recovery Mode of the device showing up.
  6. Now, the user can use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to navigate through the various options listed in the Recovery Mode menu.
  7. Use the Power button to select any desired options.


Booting into the Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the first step to accessing a variety of system related options on any Android device. This can help users fix any issues related to the system, install the latest OS updates manually, and flash a variety of official and custom firmware images.

If you’re still having trouble booting into the Recovery Mode of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, then it can be helpful to refer to your device’s official user manual for assistance. This should provide users with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do this properly.


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