How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R was one of the most anticipated devices of 2016. Samsung had the intention of providing users with a powerful device with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display and all the features necessary for an enjoyable and interactive experience. Even though it was a great device, the infamous battery incidents pushed it towards the sidelines and led to its discontinuation.

Regardless of all this, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7R to give its users the power to enjoy an amazing and secure smartphone experience. And the recovery mode is one of the most important features of this device. It helps to ensure that you can make major repairs or even perform a factory reset when the need arises. This article will guide you to boot into the recovery mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Why Boot into Recovery Mode?

The list of benefits that come with booting your Samsung Galaxy Note 7R into recovery mode is given below:
• It helps you to restore your device to factory settings if required
• If you wish to make major repairs to the device, you can use the recovery mode
• It is also used to install major updates for the device
• Troubleshoot problems that cannot be repaired through the standard settings

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Before booting your Note 7R into the recovery mode, it is important to remember that it requires unlocking the Bootloader first. The process of unlocking the Bootloader is explained below.

1. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging and OEM Unlock on your Note 7R.

2. Launch the ADB platform on your computer.

3. Connect your Galaxy Note 7R to the PC using the USB cable.

4. Execute the command “adb reboot recovery” to initiate the Bootloader unlocking process.

5. On successful completion of the unlocking process, your Note 7R will reboot into the recovery mode.

Once you are in the recovery mode, you can enjoy the benefits and troubleshoot or reset your device as per your convenience. If you are looking to restore your device to factory settings, select the option of ‘wipe data/factory reset’ from the list of options available. On the other hand, if you wish to update your device, select the option of ‘apply update from ADB’.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is a great device and with its recovery mode feature, you can make major repairs and perform a factory reset or install updates as per your convenience. We have provided this guide on how to boot into the recovery mode of your Note 7R. Just remember to unlock the Bootloader before you jump into the process of booting into the recovery mode. We hope that you find this guide helpful and informative.


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