How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (12GB RAM + 512GB)

A process in Android devices called Recovery Mode is a built-in feature that houses capabilities to repair and maintain systems making sure that user’s operating system is up to date and not corrupted by flaws. Many Android users are searching for their way around how to boot into the Recovery Mode feature in their Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (12GB RAM + 512GB).

Benefits of Recovery Mode

It can help you to reset your device if you experience any lag or system failure. It prevents your device from any further damage if it’s been affected by spyware. You can get faster updates for your device. It enables you to backup and conserve device data before getting a complete reset. It provides you access to the advanced system functions.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (12GB RAM + 512GB)

Switch off your device and make sure it is off completely. Press and hold the Bixby button and Volume up buttons at the same time, simultaneously. You will have to keep holding the buttons while your device starts to appears the logo. Once you observe the logo, you can let go of both the keys and after a few moments you will land on the Recovery Mode menu. With the help of the Volume keys, you can now navigate through various options and you have to select the one of your choice. Once the selection is done you can click the power key to confirm and get done with the procedure.


That is all from our tutorial for booting into the Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. The steps listed are really simple and straightforward and can be done without much trouble. It not only helps with system maintanence but can also help to fix some of the issues that you may be experiencing with your smartphone. Moreover, it also helps with device updates and enables you to make a backup of your device data, too.


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