How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Jean 2

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Jean 2? Are you experiencing problems on your device? Are you afraid of the possibility of losing all of your data due to a potential software issue? If answered yes, then you may need to boot into the Recovery Mode to perform a hard reset and restore the device back to its default settings.

Why Boot into Recovery Mode?

There countless number of reasons why it is important to boot into Recovery Mode.

  • Perform a full reset if your device is facing severe software crashing
  • Remove deep-seated malicious programs by deleting all installed apps
  • Reflash your device with a custom software version
  • Restore backed-up data with a Nandroid backup
  • Update your device software
  • Accessing the software update services

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy Jean 2

You can easily boot into Recovery Mode in your Samsung Galaxy Jean 2 by following the steps below:

1. First

Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Jean 2 by pressing and holding the Power button.

2. Once your device is off,

Press and hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power button simultaneously.

3. Keep the buttons pressed for a few seconds.

As soon as the Samsung logo appears, release only the Power button and continue to hold the Volume Up and Home button until the Android recovery menu is loaded.

4. As soon as the Recovery Mode is loaded, you can use the Volume Up/Down keys for navigation.

When you have found the option you need, press the Power button to select that option.

5. To exit the recovery mode,

You can restart your device by selecting the Reboot System Now option.


As you can see, booting into the Recovery Mode in a Samsung Galaxy Jean 2 is a relatively easy process. This mode allows you to perform all manner of operations that can help you revive your device in the event of a software crash or issue. As such, make sure you keep the steps above handy in order to be able to access the recovery mode should the need arise.


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