How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB)

Resetting a device is a tedious process, but at times, it’s necessary to troubleshoot a problem or reset it before selling. Android devices have a feature of Recovery Mode which has a powerful sense of resetting the device. This mode is mainly used for maintenance and provides users with a special menu in which they can employ certain actions such as factory resetting, wiping caches, and putting firmware on the device.

A typical Android device generally has a Recovery Mode that any user can access by booting up the device into this menu.

Why Boot Into Recovery Mode?

Booting into Recovery Mode has several advantages, such as forcing the device to install an update manually by sideloading it, resetting the device to factory default settings, rooting the device or installing a custom ROM, and undertaking data recovery or debugging any issues.

How to Boot Into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB)

Follow the steps below to boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB):

Step 1 – Power Off Device

Power off the Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.

Step 2 – Press Volume Up and Home Buttons

Press and hold the Volume Up button as well as the Home button (the one with the Samsung logo). Keep holding the two buttons until the device vibrates, indicating it has been switched on.

Step 3 – Enter Into Recovery Mode

You will now be presented with the Recovery Mode screen.

Step 4 – Navigate Through Menu

Navigate through the Recovery Mode menu by using the volume buttons and the home button to select the desired option.

Step 5 – Exit Recovery Mode

To exit the Recovery Mode screen, press and hold the power button and then select “Reboot System Now”.


Booting into recovery mode can be a great way to troubleshoot problems that your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) may be experiencing. It is a simple process to enter recovery mode and all you need to have is the device powered off and to press and hold the Volume Up button as well as the Home button for a few seconds. This will take you to a menu where you can navigate through the various resetting options. This is a quick and effective way to reset a device without too much hassle.


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