How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018), there may come a time when you need to boot into recovery mode to perform various tasks like resetting your phone, or flashing a ROM. Recovery mode is a special bootable system where you can access various tools to help you repair your device.

Why You Might Need to Boot Into Recovery Mode

Booting into recovery mode can be useful when you need to perform tasks such as:

  • Resetting your phone
  • Wiping the cache partition
  • Flashing a custom ROM
  • Installing official updates
  • Performing a factory data reset
  • Restoring a Nandroid backup
  • Installing custom kernels

These are just a few of the tasks that you’ll be able to do by entering recovery mode.

How to Boot Into Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018)

Before you can enter recovery mode, your phone must have a secure lock screen code set up. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your phone’s data.


  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).
  • Press and hold the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously.
  • Release both buttons when the Recovery Mode menu appears.
  • To select an option, use the Volume Down button to highlight an item, then press the Power button to select it.
  • If you need to exit recovery mode, press the Power button to select Reboot. Your phone will then restart normally.

It’s important to note that you should only use the Recovery Mode menu if you have a good understanding of the options and what they do. If you’re unsure of what to do, it’s important to consult a expert on the subject to make sure you don’t accidentally damage your device.


Recovery Mode on the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) is an invaluable tool when you’re trying to repair your device, or perform certain tasks. Booting into recovery mode is a quick and easy process, and it’s important to have a secure lock screen code set up before entering this mode. Always be sure to consult an expert before performing any tasks in this mode, so you don’t accidentally damage your device.


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