How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A51 (8GB RAM + 128GB)

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is a desirable mid-range Android smartphone that boasts an 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. It packs in a powerful Exynos 9611 processor and offers Infinity-O display technology. It also supports advanced features like A-GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C, and a dedicated microSD card slot. However, there are times when you will need to boot into recovery mode to be able to factory reset, wipe data or cache, install an update, and perform other tasks related to recovery, maintenance, or otherwise.

Why Boot into Recovery Mode?

Booting into recovery mode allows you to access a variety of advanced options that are essential for repairing and maintaining your device. Here are some of the benefits of booting into recovery mode:

  • Factory reset your device.
  • Wipe your device clean.
  • Install an update or custom ROM.
  • Clear the cache.
  • Perform other recovery or maintenance related tasks.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in the Samsung Galaxy A51?

Step 1

Power off your Samsung Galaxy A51.

Step 2

Now press and hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power button together to enter into recovery mode.

Step 3

When the recovery mode main screen appears, you can navigate up and down between the available options using the Volume Up/Down buttons.

Step 4

To select a specific option, use the Power button.

Step 5

To enter the reset menu, select ‘Wipe data/Factory Reset’.

Step 6

Confirm the factory reset action by selecting ‘Yes – Delete All User Data’.

Step 7

The reset process will take a few seconds to complete.

Step 8

When completed, press the Power button to go back to the main recovery menu and select ‘Reboot System Now’.

Step 9

Now your Samsung Galaxy A51 device will boot into regular mode.


Booting into recovery mode is an essential activity required to repair and maintain your Samsung Galaxy A51 device. In the above guide, we provided a thorough set of step-by-step instructions to help you boot into recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy A51. We hope this proves useful and you can now perform recovery tasks on your device.


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