How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A32 (8GB RAM + 128GB)

Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A32

If you own a Samsung Galaxy A32 with 8GB RAM + 128GB, you might of come across occasions where you have been required to reset or simply boot into Recovery mode, which is a form of reset that can be beneficial in the long run. Before permanently wiping data off your device, you should firstly use the Recovery mode to back up your essential data and settings.

Why do you need to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A32?

When needing to restore your device to original manufacturer settings, wipe the device cache, or completely wipe the device, Recovery Mode is the way to go. It’s essential to have a backup copy of device information prior to these actions as to keep your personal data safe.

  • Restoring factory settings
  • Rebooting your phone
  • Wiping the device cache
  • Installing system updates
  • Installing third-party software

How to Boot into Recovery Mode in Samsung Galaxy A32?

Enabling Recovery Mode on Selling Galaxy A32 is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do so:

  1. Hold down the Volume Up Button plus the Power Key together for a few seconds.
  2. Keep pressing these buttons until you see the logo of Android displayed on the screen.
  3. As soon as you see the logo, you have to let go of both the keys.
  4. You’ll then be taken to the Recovery Mode options, which includes “Reboot System Now” and “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.
  5. To select the options, use the Volume Up and Down keys will help you navigate.
  6. After you’ve selected your desired option, press the power key to confirm your selection.
  7. This will take some time, and can result in data loss.
  8. When you reboot your device, it’ll be back in normal mode.


There you have it!, you’ve successfully booted your Samsung Galaxy A32 into recovery mode. Now you are in a place to do the factory reset or wipe cache. Keep in mind that you’ll need to back up important data in case of loss during this process. Use the Recovery Mode with caution and have a better understanding of what you’re doing, as a wrong step may result in a corrupted phone.


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