How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10

If you’re a Samsung Galaxy S10 user, you may want to know how to boot into the device’s bootloader mode. It’s an important piece of knowledge to familiarize yourself with in order to perform certain functions with the device, such as wiping the phone’s data or factory resetting it. This guide will show you the steps to take in order to boot into bootloader mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Why Boot Into Bootloader Mode?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 can benefit from being booted into bootloader mode in multiple ways:

  • It opens up your device to more advanced features and settings.
  • It is a preamble to wiping your device clean for factory resetting.
  • It is necessary for rooting your device and installing custom ROMs.

How to Boot Into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy S10

The instructions outlined below will help you access and boot into the bootloader mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10:

Step 1: Shut Down Your Device

Start by shutting down your Samsung Galaxy S10 completely. You won’t be able to boot into bootloader mode with the device turned on.

Step 2: Simultaneously Press the Power and Volume Up Button

Once it’s off, press and hold down both the power and volume up buttons at the same time. For a few seconds, you should notice that the device vibrates and displays a logo on the screen.

Step 3: Release the Power Button

Once you’ve felt the vibration, release the power button, but keep pressing the volume up button. Doing this will allow your Samsung Galaxy S10 to boot into bootloader mode.

Step 4: Use the Volume Buttons

You will find yourself met with the boot screen of your device with options like ‘RESET’, ‘REBOOT’, ‘DOWNLOAD’, ‘GOTO BYPASS’, and many others. Use the volume up/down keys to highlight whichever option you want.

Step 5: Press the Power Button to Select

After you’ve chosen the option, press the power button to select it. The bootloader mode menu should be open and ready to be used.

Wrapping Up

Booting into bootloader mode on a Samsung Galaxy S10 requires following a few steps, which is why it’s best to follow the instructions in this guide exactly. It is a process that can take a few seconds to several minutes, depending on how long your device has been switched off. While you won’t encounter any major issues during the process, make sure that you follow each step carefully. Doing so should help you boot into the bootloader mode on your Samsung Galaxy S10.


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