How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

Booting into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy M01 Core requires a few simple steps that any user can do. This process is crucial when you’re looking to customize, repair and otherwise modify your device. It gives you more control over your device and provides access to a range of powerful tools and features.

Why Boot Into Bootloader Mode?

Bootloader Mode, also known as Fastboot mode, is the most powerful mode for Android devices. After booting into the mode, users can:

  • Unlock and Root their phone
  • Flash new ROMs
  • Install third-party mods
  • Perform firmware recovery
  • Stop apps from running in the background
  • Improve their device’s performance

How to Boot Into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy M01 Core

Before you start, ensure that you have backed up all the data on your device. Undertaking a factory reset could erase all your data.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Phone

Press and hold the power button to shut down your Samsung Galaxy M01 Core.

Step 2: Hold Down Volume Down + Power Button

Simultaneously press and hold down the volume down and power buttons. An Android logo will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Release Buttons

Once the logo appears, release both the buttons.

Step 4: Open Bootloader Menu

Press the power button until you get a bootloader menu. You’ll notice five options on the screen. Scroll down to ‘Recovery’ and select it.

Step 5: Select Factory Reset

Using the volume buttons scroll down to ‘Factory Reset’ and press the ‘Power’ button.

Step 6: Confirm Action

A confirmation message will appear, select ‘yes’ using the power button. Your device will now perform a factory reset, delete all your files and reset its settings.

Step 7: Wait until the Reset Is Complete

Once the process is complete, your phone will get back to the Bootloader menu. You can now power up your phone and use it normally.


Booting into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy M01 Core is easy to do and will allow you greater control over your device. You can use this mode to modify your device, unlock its full potential and perform firmware and software recovery. Just keep in mind that you should back up all the data on your device before performing a factory reset.


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