How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy M01

Booting into bootloader mode on Samsung Galaxy M01 is a great way to gain access to different parts of the device you may not be able to access without it. Why should you enter bootloader mode? Bootloader mode gives you access to a range of features and functions which may not be available in the default device environment. These include flashing custom ROMs and kernels, make changes to recovery partitions, running factory reset or hard reset, adjusting bootloader options and running root or ADB sideload commands.

How to Enter Bootloader Mode On Samsung Galaxy M01

Follow these simple steps to enter bootloader mode on the Samsung Galaxy M01:

1. Turn Off Your Device

Turn off your device by holding down the power button until the display shuts down.

2. Press and Hold Volume Down and Power Button Together

Now press and hold the combination of Volume Down and Power Button until the device logo shows up in the display.

3. Release the Buttons As Soon As the Logo Shows

Release the buttons as soon as the logo shows.

4. Use Volume Keys and Power Button

You will now be taken to Bootloader Mode. Here you can use your volume keys to make selections and your power button to confirm them.

5. You Should Be in Bootloader Mode

Finally you now should be in Bootloader Mode and ready to make changes to the system.


Booting into bootloader mode on Samsung Galaxy M01 is an easy and straightforward process. By booting into bootloader mode you will gain access to a range of features and functions that are not normally available. Following the simple steps in this guide you will be able to quickly and easily enter bootloader mode on your Samsung Galaxy M01.


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