How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB)

Getting into Bootloader mode is a very important task on Android devices, as it contains the system files for the device to function properly. In this guide, we’re going to be talking about how to enter bootloader mode on the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) 2018. This phone is quite a popular device, with this one being a good mid-range handset with decent hardware specifications.

Why Bootloader mode is important

Bootloader mode in Android phones is a special mode that allows more access when it comes to modifying the device’s operating system. In this mode you can get full access to the device’s system files which can be useful when it comes to rooting the device, unlocking features that would have otherwise been locked, tinkering with system settings and more. It is also important for lading custom recoveries, getting access to the fastboot commands and flashing custom ROMs.

How to Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) 2018

Bootloader mode in the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) 2018 is quite simple to enter. First, you will need to power off your phone:

Steps to Enter Bootloader Mode

  1. Hold down power button until the phone’s screen turns off.
  2. Once your phone is off, press and hold the Volume Down and Home buttons simultaneously, while also pressing and holding the Power button.
  3. You’ll now notice a few things happening, including the display of the phone will light up, and you should see the Samsung logo on the screen.
  4. When that logo is on the screen, you should release the Power button, but continue to hold down the Volume Down and Home buttons.
  5. Finally, you should see a message on the screen that says “Downloading, do not turn off the target.”
  6. Congratulations, you are now in bootloader mode.

When you’re finished and you need to leave this mode, just press and hold down the Power button for a few seconds and your device will reboot. And that’s all there is to it, you’ve successfully booted into bootloader mode on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32GB) 2018.


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