How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A30s

The Samsung Galaxy A30s is an exceptional device from the tech giant as it packs many noteworthy features underneath the hood. You might need to reset the device to sort out some issues like removing stuck applications, fixing bugs, better performance, and so on. In order to reset your Samsung Galaxy A30s, you must first enter the ‘bootloader mode’, also referred as ‘Download mode’. This mode allows you to give commands to the device using special software like Odin. Here, you will learn how to enter Bootloader mode in Samsung Galaxy A30s.

Why enter Bootloader mode in Samsung Galaxy A30s?

Entering Bootloader mode in your Samsung Galaxy A30s is necessary before you reset your device:

  • To unlock the bootloader, thus allowing you to root and install custom firmware.
  • To flash or install an official firmware.
  • To install or reinstall the Stock ROM after rooting or unrooting the device.
  • To fix stuck or bricked smartphones.
  • To repair software related issues such as boot loops, lagging, or sudden crashing.
  • To repair the IMEI number in case of null or invalid IMEI number.
  • To restore the original system settings of the phone.

How to enter Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A30s

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy A30s.
  2. Take out the battery if possible, then wait for a few moments.
  3. Now press and hold the Volume Up button and then press and hold the Power button.
  4. When you see the Samsung logo on the screen, release the Power button.
  5. Now wait until your Samsung Galaxy A30s enters the Bootloader Mode.
  6. And finally your Samsung Galaxy A30s will be in Bootloader Mode!


Booting into Download or Bootloader Mode in your Samsung Galaxy A30s is quite a straightforward process. Just follow the instructions mentioned above and you should be able to enter the Bootloader Mode with ease. It is recommended to keep the Bootloader Mode locked unless necessary. If you ever need to install custom firmware or root your smartphone, then this is the mode in which you should be.


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