How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A21s

Booting into Bootloader Mode is a simple process that involves changing your system settings on a Samsung Galaxy A21s device. This mode allows users to gain access to settings that may not be readily available in the regular configuration menus. It also enables users to make changes to the device firmware and erase dreaded viruses or bugs that are causing issues on the device.

Why to Boot into Bootloader Mode

  • Gives users access to a hidden menu of settings
  • Can erase viruses and bugs on device
  • Change firmware on device which can be used to update OS and enable new features
  • Flash custom ROMs and fix corrupted parts of the system

How to Boot Into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A21s

  1. Turn OFF your Samsung Galaxy A21s device.
  2. Press and hold both Volume Down + Power keys simultaneously for few seconds.
  3. When the ‘Samsung Galaxy A21s’ logo shows, release the Power Key only.
  4. Press and hold Power key again after few seconds.
  5. You should see a menu where “Reboot system now” option is selected by default.
  6. Use Volume Up/Down key to navigate and select option “Bootloader”.
  7. Press Power key to accept it.
  8. You should see Bootloader Mode on Samsung Galaxy A21s.

Bootloader mode gives users of the Samsung Galaxy A21s the power to make changes to the software that might otherwise be inaccessible in the regular OS configuration. It is necessary for flashing custom ROMs, erasing viruses and bugs on the device, and allowing users to make changes to the firmware. After performing any tasks in Bootloader mode, it is recommended that one select the ‘Reboot system now’ option in order to return device functionality to normal.


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