How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A12 (4GB RAM + 128GB)

The Samsung Galaxy A12 (4GB RAM + 128GB) is a popular Android-based device among users who want reliable performance while still remaining cost-efficient. It has a powerful processor, a generous amount of RAM, and enough internal storage to handle any of your applications and files, which may come in handy especially for those who deal with large amounts of data. The Galaxy A12 also supports a lot of extra features, one of which is booting into bootloader mode, a feature that is very helpful to advanced users of the device.

Why Booting into Bootloader Mode is Important

  • Allows for advanced modifications of the device
  • Enables unlocking of the bootloader, making it possible to install otherwise-unsupported software and/or firmware
  • Permits flashing of custom ROMs or firmware
  • Provides access to more device options for resetting, unrooting, and/or flashing
  • Allows a user to verify the bootchain, ensuring a secure boot sequence
  • Can help in solving certain boot-related problems with the device

How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A12 (4GB RAM + 128GB)

  1. Turn off the device and wait a few moments until the device screen is completely black. If the device is already turned off, skip to the next step.
  2. Then, press and hold the volume up key, the home key, and the power key simultaneously.
  3. When the device logo appears, release the power key but continue pressing the volume up and home keys until the bootloader menu appears.
  4. Now you will be able to select the required option, whether it is rebooting the device, unlocking the bootloader, flashing a custom ROM, or any other advanced option.
  5. When finished, simply press the power button again and then choose the reboot option.


Bootloader mode on the Samsung Galaxy A12 (4GB RAM + 128GB) is essential for those who want to take advantage of the device’s advanced tools and features. Whether you are planning to unlock the bootloader, flash a custom ROM, or simply access certain device options, booting into bootloader mode is the first step you need to take. Follow the steps in this article and you will be able to enjoy all the extra features the Galaxy A12 has to offer.


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