How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A02s

Boot into Bootloader Mode on Samsung Galaxy A02s

If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy A02s smartphone, you have probably encountered the concept of the bootloader. It is a small program that runs immediately when the phone starts up. It provides the software of the phone with information about the phone’s hardware components and runs specific software that’s responsible for loading the operating system. It’s usually inaccessible to users, but in order to perform certain operations, you may need to boot into the bootloader mode.

Why is booting into bootloader mode important?

Booting into bootloader mode is important if you want to perform certain operations that are unavailable from within the Android operating system. Some of these operations include:

  • Upgrading the phone’s firmware.
  • Installing the latest software updates.
  • Changing the phone’s custom settings.
  • Unlocking or relocking the phone’s bootloader.
  • Flashing custom ROMs onto the phone.

How to Boot into Bootloader Mode in Samsung Galaxy A02s

Before proceeding, you should know that entering the bootloader mode on Samsung Galaxy A02s has risks, so it is advisable to make a full device backup before beginning. With that, let’s start.

  • Firstly, press and hold down on the Power button to power off the device.
  • Now press and hold the two buttons simultaneously; Volume Down and Power Button.
  • When the phone vibrates, you can release the Power button but keep holding the Volume Down button and the phone will now start the bootloader mode.
  • You should see the Samsung logo on the screen along with the instructions on the following screen.
  • Here you are given four different options, which include:
    • Start
    • Power Down
    • Reboot
    • Download
  • If you need to go back to the Android operating system, then press “Start” and the phone will boot up normally. However, if you make any changes then you must select “Reboot” to apply the changes.


Booting into bootloader mode on the Samsung Galaxy A02s is possible using the instructions provided in this article. Be sure to backup your device before entering bootloader mode because it can potentially cause permanent damage. Furthermore, if changes are made, be sure to select the “Reboot” option to apply the changes.


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