Google’s new Wear OS 4 to Prioritize health and fitness features

Google Wear OS 4 Updates

Wear OS 4 promises to be an exciting update to Google’s smartwatch platform, with improvements made to Health Services and Health Connect. It’s great that they’ve made so much effort into the platform and introduced exciting features into compatible Android Wearables – we look forward to finding out more about Wear OS 4 over time and keeping you posted as we learn more! Stay tuned as we find out more information regarding its release!

Wear OS 4 Is Google’s Significant Update to its Smartwatch Platform

Google is gearing up to release Wear OS 4, the biggest upgrade ever for its smartwatch platform. Based on Android 13, Wear OS 4 will become available this fall on compatible Android wearable devices and promises improvements for Health Services and Health Connect.

What Can We Expect From Wear OS 4?

Google has unveiled some of the features that will be included in Wear OS 4. Health Connect, currently in beta form, will become fully integrated with Android 14. Users will be able to access it directly from the Settings page and will gain enhanced period tracking features – an area of particular focus among technology companies in recent years.

Health Connect will benefit from faster feature updates thanks to being part of Google Play System updates, and developers will also have the option of migrating from Google Fit Android APIs (which will eventually end support by 2024) over to Health Connect.

Wear OS 4 will introduce new Health Services features that enable developers to increase the batching rate of fitness metrics, allowing for faster data delivery even when the screen is off. Furthermore, compatible smartwatches will be able to detect golf shots thanks to an alliance between Google and Samsung that will detect both number of shots taken and type of shot hit. And it’s expected after the Google Security & privacy update that WearOS 4 will gear up in terms of Security aswell.

Wear OS 4 promises to be an exciting update of Google’s smartwatch platform, as it brings significant upgrades to Health Services and Health Connect. We look forward to discovering what additional features it may contain when its official release comes later this fall; in the meantime, we will keep you up-to-date on any developments.


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