Google and Samsung partner to fix one of Android’s biggest Problems

Samsung and google partnered to fix Errors-min

Google is also working closely with Android hardware manufacturers to ensure a uniform implementation of background services in Android 14.

Background Services in Android 14: Expanding Our Partnership With Samsung

Android 14 introduces numerous improvements that aim to enhance user experience, including several designed to address background services issues. To ensure a uniform implementation, Google has announced a partnership agreement with Samsung for these updates.

What Is Android 14? Android 14 is the latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system and was designed to enhance user experience through several changes made to foreground services and background services, optimizing internal broadcast system functionality and restricting device and network abuse.

Why Is Google Partnering with Samsung?

Google and Samsung are joining forces to ensure the foreground services of apps targeting Android 14 will operate as intended, and provide users with a consistent experience. Samsung One UI 6.0 update will be the first instance where this partnership takes effect, providing an enhanced user experience.

What Are the Advantages of This Partnership?

This collaboration between Google and Samsung will benefit users by ensuring background services don’t get abruptly killed, leading to enhanced notifications, better background tracking and an overall better user experience – something which is especially critical given Samsung’s history of aggressively killing background apps on its devices.

What Are the Limitations of this Partnership?

At present, Google and Samsung’s partnership is limited to the Samsung One UI 6.0 update; therefore it may not immediately become evident to users upon its release. As developers update their apps for Android 14, benefits of this alliance should become clearer over time.


Google and Samsung’s partnership is an encouraging development in improving user experiences on Android devices. By standardizing background services across Android 14, users should experience better notifications, enhanced tracking capabilities and an overall more seamless experience. In addition, Google is working closely with other Android hardware manufacturers to ensure consistent implementations of background services across Android 14.

Q: What Is Android 14?
A: Android 14 is the newest iteration of Google’s operating system designed to enhance user experience, with numerous improvements made to foreground services and user controls.

Q: Why did Google form its partnership with Samsung?
A: The aim of the partnership between Google and Samsung is to promote innovation.


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